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Organizational Change Management: Providing the Needed Structure

Like many change professionals, I practiced organizational change management before I knew that it was a profession in itself. After leading change initiatives in the education industry, I began looking for tools that would help me more effectively plan these messy, large-scale organizational change efforts. Through connections, I learned of the Minnesota Change Management Network and subsequently, the well-regarded Prosci certification.

In 2014, I went through Prosci’s Change Management Certification Program with a fun and lively group. It didn’t take long before I felt that the puzzle pieces came together. This was the structure I’d imagined — and needed.

Since then, I’ve been heavily involved in global SAP implementations in the medical device industry. The Prosci framework has been instrumental in assessing readiness, identifying impacted groups, and planning a more holistic and strategic change effort. I also have fun educating clients on the human side of change and helping leaders to become fluent in change management by implementing the industry’s best practices together. After all, as they say, one thing that remains constant is change.

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