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Organizational Change Management: The People Side of Change

What does it mean to work in Organizational Change Management (OCM)? It is a question that comes up weekly if not daily for those in our field. The easy answer: we help with the people side of change. Navigating through changes successfully happens when we are able to help individuals make a personal transition from a current to a future state.

I was excited to attend Prosci’s Change Management Certification earlier this year. The highly respected Prosci methodology is used as the standard in OCM by many corporations. Through the certification program, I found I was able to bring my change management and communications experiences, ideas and concepts to life through a structured approach and toolkit. It’s something I apply everyday to my work with our clients. It helps our clients manage employee resistance to change and increases the overall success of the project.

To learn more about OCM, I encourage you to visit Prosci’s website or chat with us about how OCM might benefit you or your organization. If you’re not quite ready to dive in, I recommend exploring ADKAR: an easy and practical way to incorporate change management into your life at work or home.

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