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Stacia Tells the Story of Pivot

Hi, my name is Stacia Nelson, Founder and CEO of Pivot Strategies. In 2015, my husband Dan had just quit his communications job to pursue a career in nursing. With an 11-month old daughter, our plan was for me to hold down the fort with my corporate communications job until Dan finished school. Much to our surprise, a month later I was included in the major layoffs at Target. I shared the news on social media, and was fortunate to receive interest from past coworkers to consult on a couple of projects with them. At first I was apprehensive…but opted to try it. I lucked out with three amazing first clients: Nike, American Express and Cargill. I found that I LOVE consulting. And, it was mutual, because the clients were happy with the work.

Four years later, we are a team of 15 consultants, and together, we are doing more than I ever imagined. I think our clients like the momentum and strategy we bring, but also our ability to actually execute on our change and communications plans. Most often, you’ll hear of professionals starting their career at an agency and transitioning to a corporate environment. At Pivot, it’s the opposite. We say we are bred corporate, gone agency. We believe this gives us and our clients a big advantage. Having been on the corporate side, we know how to integrate quickly and seamlessly as an extension of your team. And, as for our team, they enjoy the flexibility, variety and continual learning that comes with project-based work, as well as the opportunity to be part of a start-up.

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