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Internal Communications: Tips on Prioritizing

In this issue, we are featuring additional tips from communications leaders who presented at the January Huddle.

For those who missed this session, we want to share some of our favorite take-aways from the evening.

 In this issue, we are sharing tips for prioritizing what’s most important in 2020:

  1. Reflect. Before looking forward, reflect on what went well and what could have gone better in the previous year. Think about what you would do if there were no limits.

  2. Try something new. It’s easy to do the same thing year after year, until one day, it no longer works. Knowing when to stop something is just as important as knowing when to start. It is ok to end on a high note when a tactic is still working, to try something new.

  3. Challenge the status quo – grounded in strategy and data. Set your strategy and socialize it with leaders for support. When requests come in, it’s easier to say yes or no based on whether it’s aligned with the strategy and using data to support a “strategic yes” or “thoughtful no”.

  4. Consider the new and different skills your team will need. Build a team equipped to work in a new way and meet the needs of the future. Ensure common processes and templates so that every project does not start from scratch.

  5. Develop well-rounded goals in each of the following five areas:

    1. Operational

    2. Strategy/vision

    3. Data/insights

    4. Team development

    5. Transformational change

The Huddle is an opportunity for Internal Communications practitioners to come together to share best practices and network. The January session of The Huddle featured speakers Stephanie Joranson, Director of Corporate Communications at Medtronic; Beth McQuire, Vice President of Provider Marketing and Communications at United Healthcare; Marie Yarroll, Global Communications Leader at Cargill Business Services; and Christopher Truscott, Internal and Executive Communications Lead at Target.

Watch for more tips and more information on upcoming sessions of The Huddle.

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