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What to Look for in a Trainer

Training can be one of those overlooked parts of a project. But, if the project requires people to do their job differently in order to capture the value, then it is an essential part of your project. Training helps foster change and allows users to strengthen their skills to succeed in their role. Training is a two-way street, too. It can provide insights to learn about different strengths and opportunity areas of employees and processes. Selecting the right trainer is an important factor in ensuring team readiness and project success. Here are five characteristics to look for to identify a great trainer:

  1. Effective communication skills. They share information clearly and concisely to help the participant learn. They are patient listeners and know how to ask the right questions to get to the root of problems.

  2. Flexibility and the ability to think and speak on their feet. During any project, things can change direction at the drop of a hat and unexpected issues are bound to occur. The best trainers take these changes in stride and are able and willing to change to meet the needs of the learners

  3. Great organizational and time management skills. A good trainer can multitask. They can plan, execute and find resources when needed to ensure deadlines and requirements are met.

  4. Works well with others. They engage with teams across the organization to gain a comprehensive picture of the project and the changes that will occur. They enjoy sharing ideas and solving problems.

  5. Have a thorough understanding of the subject matter. In many cases, they are subject matter experts on the systems or processes they are training. They are curious and continually seek opportunities to learn.

Training can turn opportunities into strengths, enhance employee’s sense of value within the organization and have a positive impact on retention. For more tips or to discuss your training needs, feel free to reach out to me!

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