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Celebrating 5 Years of Pivot

As many companies go through hardships and layoffs due to coronavirus, I’m reminded that it was just five years ago Target went through massive layoffs. On the heels of a failed Canada launch and a major data breach, many headquarters employees were laid off. I was one of them. My husband, Dan, had recently left his job to go back to school and our daughter was only 11 months old. The future wasn’t bright, but my core emotion that day was excitement.

Turns out, that hurdle sparked the most amazing journey into personal growth, joy and ultimately entrepreneurship and Pivot Strategies. Today, Dan is an ER nurse, my daughter is 6, we added a son (who is 2) and Pivot Strategies just marked its fifth anniversary.

What I have learned over the past five years are defining features of Pivot today. Here are some of my greatest learnings that have become our core values:

  1. Positive Mindset. Whether we are facing adversity (such as coronavirus) or walking into a regular meeting, it is important to bring optimism, kindness and fun to the table.

  2. Succeeding Together. Having a team to rely on is what differentiates us from other companies, such as staffing agencies. We know that when we leverage one another – whether it is for graphic design, advice to overcome a hurdle, or an editorial review to help push ourselves creatively – we do better with each other. Which leads to our…

  3. Commitment to Excellence. We believe that better is possible and we will take the extra step it takes to go from good to great – for our clients, for each other, and for Pivot.

  4. Dedicated to the Client. Our core focus is to create clarity through internal communications and change management. This is what we wake up excited to do for clients everyday – and that passion and drive mean that our clients always come first. We will always put client satisfaction and well-being ahead of profit and go above and beyond to make sure we are exceeding expectations.

  5. Growth Oriented. We have to keep a focus on growing Pivot to continue our current rate of growth – which has been 50% a year for the past three years. We are also personally committed to growth and development – by bettering ourselves through ongoing development and growth opportunities. No one learns from a place of comfort and we recognize that part of career fulfillment includes being challenged. We aren’t afraid of new opportunities or change – these are things that excite us.

Since 2015, Pivot has adapted to a rapidly changing world and kept flexibility as a core foundation of our work environment. Even with the impact of COVID-19 threatening our future, looking back reminds me that we are capable of overcoming incredible challenges. As we find ways to continue to do meaningful work in life with coronavirus, I’m filled with excitement for all we will learn.

Looking ahead, I’m so grateful to be in this role – to work alongside an amazing team and colleagues. I try to stay hopeful, looking for ways to turn difficult situations into opportunities for growth. I’m doing my best to celebrate all the wins, no matter how small. And I’m also finding myself letting go and laughing over a glass of champagne at all the hurdles we are experiencing.

How are you handling challenges? We want to help as you communicate with your stakeholders about the months ahead, engage with your team from the WFH environment, or ignite transitions you need to make now for a brighter future tomorrow.

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