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Finding the Silver Linings in an Unprecedented Situation

For all of us, this is a time like we have never experienced. It is challenging, filled with worry, fear and uncertainty. All parts of our lives have been impacted – our daily routines, social life, work – everything is different. The change can feel overwhelming, and as if it’s all beyond our control.

It can be hard to see positives in a situation like this. However, it’s important to try to see the good. When things seem out of our control, the only thing we can control is our outlook.

In a recent Zoom call, our team talked about some of the silver linings we are seeing in our new daily lives, and we thought they were worth sharing. Here are some of our positives:

  • Learning to savor time with family and not feel constantly scheduled and rushed

  • Using this as a time for reflection! I am evaluating my priorities and thinking critically about how I value my time

  • Taking the Coursera class from Yale on Happiness

  • Watching my teenage girls spend more time together laughing

  • Spending time eating dinner together as a family, playing games, working on puzzles, trying new recipes, and practicing soccer and volleyball

  • Practicing driving with my 15-year-old, which is both terrifying and great 1-1 bonding time

  • Watching my 8-year-old teach my 6-year-old how to ride a bike

  • Supporting our local restaurants by eating lots of good takeout

  • Catching up and enjoying my favorite podcasts

Some good ones to check out:

By talking about our silver linings, we felt a lot better about the power to change our attitude and see the positives of this situation. Even during this hardship, there are things to be grateful for.

What are some of your silver linings? How are you working to stay positive during this time?

We are wishing you all good health and positivity during this time! We will get through it and be stronger because of it.

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