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Person on computer, with floating graphics related to ESG reporting

How to navigate sustainability frameworks and standards to report your ESG results

Learn how SEC and CSRD requirements, ISSB, SASB, GRI and other standards play into your ESG reporting strategy Whether your …

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Editorial illustration of a woman working on an ipad with a robot standing next to her

6 tips to navigate bias and representation with AI chatbots like ChatGPT

Here’s how to use AI chatbot capabilities as an inclusive communicator As communicators, we must be mindful of the words …

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Editorial illustration of Shonda Rhimes, Gretchen Carlson and Amanda Gorman

Women’s History Month: Celebrating trailblazing women around the world – part 2

Celebrate change makers and inspiring communicators this Women’s History Month When we began brainstorming who to feature in our Trailblazing …

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Image featuring Greta Thunberg, Malala Yousafzai, Christiane Amanpour and Dr. Jane Goodall

Women’s History Month: Celebrating trailblazing women around the world – part 1

Learn from 4 female communicators who inspire change through their strategic storytelling Many of the world’s most influential change-makers are …

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Woman holding a basket with office electronics spilling out

10 tips to make your messages more accessible and effective

Accessibility is key to inclusive internal communications: Here’s how to keep diverse audiences in mind Whether you’re leading a business, …

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Magnifying glass highlighting a grammatical mistake

How to up your grammar game for clean and clear communications

Use these tips to avoid common inconsistencies and improve communications As communicators, we spend a lot of time finding and …

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Hand holding compass in the middle of a target

3 ways leaders and employees can create clarity in uncertain times

3 types of clarity and 3 actions leaders and communicators can take to promote clarity More than half (53%) of …

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Pivot team photo

Pivot Strategies Announces New President

Award-winning women-owned company announces an all-star, all women leadership team on the heels of significant growth MINNEAPOLIS (February 22, 2023) …

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Woman receiving a gift

Use the 5 Languages of Appreciation on Employee Appreciation Day

Make your employees feel appreciated on Employee Appreciation Day (and every day) Employee Appreciation Day is rapidly approaching. Want to …

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Man speaking in front of a crowd

3 steps to develop a successful internal communications channel

Build a channel strategy that prioritizes content, optimizes format and gathers feedback Ensuring all key-players are in-the-know and empowered to …

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Employee writing business strategy on white board

Make your strategic priorities count with an effective communications plan

You’ve set your business goals – now maximize communications to make a bigger impact! Why is developing a strategic communications …

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The workplace evolution: Address these 3 unique communication challenges

Expand strategies and tactics to effectively share messages with employees Struggling to effectively and efficiently reach your employees? A continued …

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Woman in party hat with date turning from 2022 to 2023. Word "resolutions" beneath the date.

6 motivational tips to accomplish your New Year’s resolutions

How to keep your New Year’s resolutions and prioritize self-care goals At Pivot, we always keep this core value top …

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Illustration of a woman pointing to a blank style guide

Embrace your internal communications: Key steps for developing brand guidelines

A cohesive style guide can help unify your organization and prioritize high-impact work Whether you are a lean and agile …

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The Pivot team standing in a circle above the camera, holding up glasses of champagne

Stakeholder engagement: The gift that keeps on giving (increased ROI)

Inspire your team and advance change with a proactive, agile engagement strategy You’re engaged — congratulations! 🥂🎉👏 What’s next? The …

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Designed graphic with Pivot's 2022 stats

2022 year in review: Prioritizing self-care and sustaining culture during growth

Pivot Strategies made self-care our top priority this year and the results speak for themselves Pivot Strategies has experienced double-digit …

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Group photo of a large number of Pivot Strategies employees, outside on a fall day.

Class of 2022: Welcome To These Shining Internal Communicators and Change Practitioners

Pivot’s Brilliantly Bold New Hires This year, Pivot experienced amazing growth as we welcomed (drum roll please) 21 new employees! …

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Illustration of a woman looking curious, coming out of a laptop screen.

Cut Through the Clutter – 5 Tips for Creating Successful Communications

Employee messaging: One and done – or seven times, seven ways? “I’ve sent the email, so people should know what’s …

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Hand holding decorations from culturally diverse holidays.

Planning Inclusive Holiday Communications to Positively Engage Employees

Executive communications planning for holidays, celebratory months and company milestones.

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LGBTQ+ Focused Nonprofits to Support This Giving Tuesday

Share Kindness and Generosity Giving Tuesday aims to spread kindness and generosity to those who need it most. Whether you …

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Layoffs – Eight Tips to Navigate Job Cuts with Empathy and Proactive Communications

Corporate downsizing: How to effectively manage layoffs with empathy and proactive change communications. We’ve likely all witnessed how an employer …

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‘Tis the Season: Tips for Writing End-of-Year Messaging that Engages Employees

To engage employees, keep your year-end messaging authentic, positive and honest. Most importantly, make sure it’s not about you. Year-end …

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Group Talking

Should we think about communicating less in the age of information overload?

With internal communications, it turns out that more is not always better. It’s hardly news that Americans are subjected to …

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Graphics Team

Our Graphic Designer Shares 5 Design Tips for PowerPoint

Pivot Strategies’ designer, Wil Taylor walks you through five essential visual design tips everyone creating a presentation in PowerPoint should …

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Becca on Phone

How to Make Your IT Communications Shine – Top Tips from a PR Pro

Writing about information technology can be complex and confusing. Keep these four simple steps in mind to make your communications …

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World Mental Health Day photo by Emma Simpson

Important Steps to Make World Mental Health Day a Priority

Building a strong mental health community in your workplace in a a few simple steps. With the right support in …

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ESG Forest

What is ESG – and Why is it Important?

How to get ESG reporting right and maximize business impact  Elevating ESG reporting as a business priority Environmental, social and …

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Active listening with Bailey and Annika

Listen to Lead: How can practicing active listening make you a better leader?

In many ways, the skills that make a great collaborator, communicator and leader are the same today as they ever …

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Breaking The Silence of Quiet Quitters: Who is accountable and what we can do about it – Part III

Are employees quitting too soon? As we know, quiet quitters can be leaders and managers alike. But what about our …

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Breaking The Silence of Quiet Quitters: Who is accountable and what we can do about it – Part II

Middle managers have nowhere to hide. Nobody needs another Yeti. In the companies I’ve consulted for the last few years, …

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