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Unbalanced scale with notebooks on one end and an arm placing a chess piece on the other

How to manage culture and technology changes across legal functions

How to manage culture and technology changes across legal functions Corporate legal functions across industries are facing notable challenges this …

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Managing global projects and multicultural teams: 5 benefits, 5 challenges and 5 actions

Why and how you can (and should) effectively manage global projects with multicultural teams Author Thomas Friedman, in his book …

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Girl sitting at computer with a thought bubble containing her holding a megaphone

How to keep your 2023 Communications Strategy on track and in sync

Use these strategies to hold yourself to your communication goals Now that 2023 is underway, you most likely have your …

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Employee writing business strategy on white board

Make your strategic priorities count with an effective communications plan

You’ve set your business goals – now maximize communications to make a bigger impact! Why is developing a strategic communications …

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The workplace evolution: Address these 3 unique communication challenges

Expand strategies and tactics to effectively share messages with employees Struggling to effectively and efficiently reach your employees? A continued …

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Woman in party hat with date turning from 2022 to 2023. Word "resolutions" beneath the date.

6 motivational tips to accomplish your New Year’s resolutions

How to keep your New Year’s resolutions and prioritize self-care goals At Pivot, we always keep this core value top …

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Illustration of a woman pointing to a blank style guide

Embrace your internal communications: Key steps for developing brand guidelines

A cohesive style guide can help unify your organization and prioritize high-impact work Whether you are a lean and agile …

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The Pivot team standing in a circle above the camera, holding up glasses of champagne

Stakeholder engagement: The gift that keeps on giving (increased ROI)

Inspire your team and advance change with a proactive, agile engagement strategy You’re engaged — congratulations! 🥂🎉👏 What’s next? The …

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Designed graphic with Pivot's 2022 stats

2022 year in review: Prioritizing self-care and sustaining culture during growth

Pivot Strategies made self-care our top priority this year and the results speak for themselves Pivot Strategies has experienced double-digit …

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Group photo of a large number of Pivot Strategies employees, outside on a fall day.

Class of 2022: Welcome To These Shining Internal Communicators and Change Practitioners

Pivot’s Brilliantly Bold New Hires This year, Pivot experienced amazing growth as we welcomed (drum roll please) 21 new employees! …

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Pivot Announces Formation of IDEA

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity + Advocacy: Employee Resource Group At Pivot Strategies, we are committed to #BeTheChange we want to see …

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Team Meeting Table

Breaking The Silence of Quiet Quitters: Who is accountable and what we can do about it – Part I

We’re supposed to be quietly quitting but it’s all become very noisy, hasn’t it? You’ve seen the headlines. Maybe read …

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Stacia on a computer

Time Management as a Tool for Better Self-Care

Tips from my Self-Care Workshop If you happen to follow me on LinkedIn (or have talked with me for more …

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Mental Health in the Workplace

Building a Mental Health Community at Work: Extra Steps You Can Take to Support Your Team

At Pivot, one of our core values is Positive Mental Attitude. We bring the sunshine, start with a ‘yes,’ enjoy …

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Photo credit: Twin Cities Business and photographer Jordan Buckellew

5 DEI Tips from 3 Experts: Why Transparency is Key to Promoting Inclusion in the Workplace

2020 illuminated the injustices so many of our colleagues and neighbors have faced for years. Witnessing the murder of George …

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Prioritizing Work When You Can’t Do It All

While you can’t do everything, what should you do? It’s important to prioritize requests and provide alternatives For internal communicators, …

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How do you know if your change communications are effective?

As communicators, we spend a lot of time ensuring what we put together is perfect, yet all that work goes …

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Lessons Learned: Communicator’s Role in Effective Change Management

Humans resist change. Yet, it is crucial to business growth and success. Communication is fundamental to change management and a …

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Too Many Meetings? Time to Free Your Calendar

Meetings impact how and when we work. In 2021, 55% of people got less than two hours of deep work …

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Make 2021 About You, Here’s How

Developing habits allow you to be more efficient, effective and strategic about your time and actions. Here are 6 ways to make 2021 about you.

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Return to Office: Dos and Don’ts

With the vaccine rollout underway, employees are already pondering when a return to the office may happen. For some, it is already happening and for others, the plans have just begun. There is a lot to consider, so here are some key do’s and don’ts to consider.

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Got A Goal? We Have The Pathway To Achieve It.

Going into the New Year, we all have our eye on the prize – your big goal for the year. But how often do we really dig in and determine how to achieve it at a granular level? Read how you can set big goals in 2021 and actually reach them.

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The Gratitude Strategy

The power of gratitude is often underestimated. Many of us were taught to think of gratitude as a synonym for optimism. We treat it as a luxury to indulge in on special occasions like Thanksgiving or during the holidays.

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Nonprofits We Love to Support

In a time when so much is out of our control, gratitude is often our best source of joy. This holiday season, we want to express our gratitude for a few phenomenal non-profits that we are proud to support.

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Power of Conversation

Stacia and Wil sit down to have an open conversation around race and steps we can all take for personal growth.

Conversations around race can be intimidating, but to enact change we encourage everyone to start asking questions, influencing those closest to you and challenging things that don’t seem right.

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Looking Back, Thinking Forward. How Past Experiences Help Shape The Future Of Corporate America

In times like these, it’s evermore important to reflect on the ‘why’ of our actions. For companies working on DEI initiatives, is it something that we are just doing, or is it something we are truly incorporating into the framework of our company? Are you hiring new talent to help guide this progress, or you relying on team members of color to shoulder the responsibility? “To assume that every Black person has the skills and desire and knowledge for this work is tokenization,” said Michelle Kim, chief executive of Awaken, a company that provides diversity training and workshops to empower leaders and teams in Oakland, California.

When looking to include people of color on your team in your DEI look to these four themes to help guide you.

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COVID Communications: Your Return to Office Guide

On September 22, Pivot’s Huddle featured panelists from Cargill, Abbott Laboratories and Ameriprise Financial. Based on the conversation, we have compiled the key takeaways into a one page, Return to Office Guide for you to use within your own company.

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Extroversion vs. Introversion: The importance of personality in the workplace

We’ve all heard — and probably identified with — being an introvert (someone who recharges from being alone) or an extrovert (someone who recharges from being around others) and COVID has amplified the feelings associated with these personality types. As remote work continues, learn more about how to be a great leader to both ‘verts.

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Thoughts From Our Founder: Returning to the Office

As a mom and employer, Stacia shares three things we’re focused on to support our team, clients and ourselves this fall.

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Plastic Playground Lessons

Are you really a risk-taker? Reflecting on his childhood playground, Matt explores the fascinating relationship between risk, pain and personal growth.

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