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Pivot Strategies celebrates 8 years at all-staff meeting

MINNEAPOLIS (May 17, 2023) – The Pivot Strategies team gathered from around the country to celebrate Pivot’s 8-year anniversary and tremendous growth at our quarterly all-staff meeting. The event’s theme “Building Foundations” was observed throughout the festivities. Before the meeting, the Pivot team took our core value #BeTheChange to heart and participated in a Habitat […]

Executive ghostwriting: How to embody the voice of the executive you’re writing for

Three tips for cultivating authenticity in ghostwritten executive communications In today’s fast-paced communications landscape, executives often rely on communications teams to develop messaging on their behalf as a way to amplify their vision and increase efficiency. Effective communication is a skill that requires practice, and while executives are experts in their field and oversee large […]

How to use emojis in the workplace considerately and effectively

Use these tips to think about when to take a chance on emojis and how to do it effectively Emojis have become a ubiquitous part of our everyday communication, but they can be a bit tricky to use in the workplace. Yes, they can add a touch of personality and fun to both formal and […]

Build more effective internal communications plans with the Know-Feel-Do framework

The Know-Feel-Do framework will help you identify your target audiences and define your communications objectives One of the most critical and foundational elements to successful strategic communications is reaching the right audiences with the right information. This is called audience segmentation and, although it sounds simple, it can be challenging – especially during times of […]

How to create successful email campaigns for beginners

Sending emails can be an effective way to communicate with a large audience, but it’s crucial to follow best practices to ensure your emails are delivered successfully and achieve their intended purpose. In this post, we will cover some best practices for sending bulk emails, from crafting compelling content to optimizing deliverability. Create engaging content […]

Leaning on culture amidst big change – Pivot CEO and Founder Stacia Nelson

Pivot Founder and CEO Stacia Nelson joins Mark O’Donnell and Lewis Schiff on their podcast “What I See: Conversations with Visionaries, Innovators and Entrepreneurs.” She discusses team culture and engagement in the midst of corporate layoffs, new technology and large transformations. Stacia provides insights on:  How to use company culture as a guide for business […]

4 ideas to inspire your employees to “spring into action” this Earth Day

Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to engage your team and make an impact Earth Day, recognized each year on April 22, is the largest secular observance in the world. This makes it the perfect opportunity to involve your team in something we can all get behind – investing in our planet. Whether it’s through […]

Use these 5 E’s to ensure a thriving, digital employee experience

How to address workforce culture shifts with sustainable change transformations Are you upgrading your employee experience to replace old ways of working with new ones? A line from this Upwork commercial provides the perfect inspiration: “It’s all made up. These old ideas – working in an office, 9-to-5… if it’s all made up then what’s […]

How to navigate sustainability frameworks and standards to report your ESG results

Learn how SEC and CSRD requirements, ISSB, SASB, GRI and other standards play into your ESG reporting strategy Whether your company is reporting on its environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts voluntarily, in accordance with (or anticipation of) specific regulations or just starting out on your journey, determining which standards to report against can be […]

6 tips to navigate bias and representation with AI chatbots like ChatGPT

Here’s how to use AI chatbot capabilities as an inclusive communicator As communicators, we must be mindful of the words we use and consider our audiences with a diverse and inclusive background. It can be easy to unintentionally input our own biases into our writing, which could potentially disenfranchise our reader and not fully communicate […]