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How to lead successful IT transformations using the Change Curve

As an IT leader, it can be difficult to successfully pull off organizational change. Of course, the biggest challenge isn’t technical but rather comes from internal resistance and noncompliance. That’s because organizational change is a people-centered process, one that requires your team to take a series of emotional steps in addition to the practical ones.

Whether you’re undergoing a digital transformation or planning a new IT system rollout, it’s relatively easy to map out the sequential actions needed to make technological change happen. But organizational change only succeeds when internal stakeholders decide to opt in as change agents and take those actions. And that decision begins with each person’s evolving feelings about the change and what it will mean for them.

Using the Kübler-Ross Change Curve as your roadmap, you can better understand the emotional journey your team members are experiencing and craft communications that meet them where they are at every point along the way.

This guide outlines the seven steps of the Change Curve and provides specific advice for communications at each stage.

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