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Class of 2022: Welcome To These Shining Internal Communicators and Change Practitioners

Group photo of a large number of Pivot Strategies employees, outside on a fall day.

Pivot’s Brilliantly Bold New Hires

This year, Pivot experienced amazing growth as we welcomed (drum roll please) 21 new employees! Without further ado, we present Pivot’s class of 2022.

Portrait of Annika Isbell

Annika Isbell Recruiting Coordinator

Annika brought energy, enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to Pivot’s talent acquisition and culture this year. Her unique ability to combine organizational structure and analytical thinking with creativity and empathy fosters an engaged, growing team. She has already done BIG things at Pivot, co-chairing our IDEA committee and spearheading culture initiatives while also ensuring we find and nurture the best talent.

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Portrait of Brandy Chetsas

Brandy Chetsas Senior Change Management Consultant

A purpose-driven communicator and strategist, Brandy leverages more than 20 years of corporate and non-profit experience to advance clarity and connection, ethical leadership, culture enhancement, change adoption and talent experience. Brandy is so a co-chair of the IDEA committee, Pivot’s first employee resource group to identify opportunities where we can be the change we wish to see in the world.

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Portrait of Brian Estee.

Brian Estee Communications Consultant

With more than 20 years of corporate communications experience, Brian’s love of storytelling and innate curiosity for learning new things helps his talents shine at Pivot. He has a keen ability to distill high-level strategic visions into actionable, real language that inspires, informs and truly wows clients. Recently, Brian helped Pivot shine a light on World Mental Health Day.

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Portrait of Dan Nelson

Dan Nelson Interim VP of Finance & Administration

Dan filled our Finance & Admin seat to keep the trains on time and the spreadsheets accurate. 

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Portrait of Erin Heitkamp

Erin Heitkamp SVP of Operations

Erin brings more than 20 years of experience driving operational and sustainability initiatives across multiple industry sectors, and it truly shows in her stellar work and measured leadership.  A hungry driver of change, Erin has valuable experience in sustainability, marketing, branding, communications and industry affairs. At Pivot, Erin is charged with implementing our vision across all areas of the business, setting the charter for how we continue to reach our growth goals.

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Portrait of Holly Eamon

Holly Eamon Communications Consultant

Small-town journalism experience spurred Holly’s passion for writing and ongoing pursuit to inform and inspire audiences through stories and straightforward content – and she is doing exactly that here at Pivot! Going above and beyond in all she does, Holly won Pivot’s Quarter 3 MVPP award for bringing her very best to clients. 

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Portrait of Jake Parrott

Jake Parrott Creative Associate

Jake is the creative mastermind responsible for the Pivot website. He is an accomplished web design leader with more than 16 years of experience managing the design and implementation of multiple websites and online applications for desktop and mobile. Jake also supports client needs in partnership with the Pivot creative team. 

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Portrait of Jamie Vargo

Jamie Vargo Senior Communications Consultant

Jamie brings 20 years of HR communications experience to the Pivot team. She is thoughtful and results-driven as she builds and executes comprehensive communication and change strategies for clients. Jamie is passionate about employee engagement and simplifying complex messages. She’s the first to raise her hand to offer team support and embraces Pivot’s company culture through her openness about mental health and self-care

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Portrait of Jenny Niemela

Jenny Niemela Senior Communications Consultant

A former business journalist, Jenny Niemela has spent more than 20 years telling impactful, meaningful stories about companies and the people who power them. After her newsroom days, Jenny moved into the content marketing agency world, and then ran her own content marketing practice for 7 years before joining Pivot Strategies. Jenny is an irrepressible creative with a business mind. She loves bringing that left-brain/right-brain combination into her work with clients, making her the perfect fit at Pivot. 

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Portrait of John Nielson

John Nielson Principal Change Management Consultant

“Think like a marketer. Act like a change agent.” It’s John’s mantra when working to accelerate the digital change journeys of Fortune 500 organizations for the past 20 years. This year, John brought a fresh energy to Pivot and our clients that inspired everyone to have a little fun along the way and make change stick. Notably, John wrote an insightful 3-part blog series this year on the trending topic, quiet quitting. Proven. Creative. Gritty. Count on John for digital change leadership that sparks business transformation.

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Portrait of Jon Hilgers

Jon Hilgers Communications Consultant

Jon joined Pivot with more than 25 years of technology, operations and change management internal communications experience. He is a recognized storyteller who uses focused listening and a persistent curiosity to understand business needs and build communications that deliver results. And he’s done just that for our more-than-satisfied clients at Pivot, showcasing his creative ingenuity and thoughtful approach to client work. He’s also been an outspoken communicator, sharing learned tips and best practices in his thought leadership pieces

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Portrait of Kirsten Norman

Kirsten Norman Senior Communications Consultant

Kirsten is a collaborative, thoughtful and strategic communications professional with a passion for translating business strategies and priorities in meaningful ways. With more than 15 years of agency and corporate communications experience, Kirsten brings a unique perspective to Pivot, drawing from her background supporting diverse industries. She was Pivot’s Quarter 2 MVPP honoree, receiving all 10s in her NPS client surveys. 

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Portrait of Krysta Larson

Krysta Larson Communications Practice Lead

For the past 20 years, Krysta has worked alongside leaders and teams that seek to communicate with key audiences, from customers and employees to boards of directors and more. Much of her corporate communications work has been focused on creating clarity through storytelling. Krysta can take a challenging concept and make it easily understandable, transparent and impactful to a wide audience. A true go-getter, she dove into both client and internal projects right off the bat, using her vast experience and knowledge base to drive impressive results. 

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Portrait of Mark Lindley

Mark Lindley Communications Consultant

Mark brings more than 25 years of experience in corporate communications. His background extends to all sectors of the field, including corporate branding, strategic message development, employee engagement, change communication, crisis communication and executive positioning and speechwriting. Using this experience and a positive, thoughtful approach to client work, Mark is already giving executive presentations on the importance of internal communications for employee engagement. 

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Portrait of Megan Steil

Megan Steil Senior Communications Consultant

With more than 15 years of experience in internal communications, Megan thrives developing clear, concise and inclusive communications that inspire and engage. An all-around “utility player” she has extensive experience in various disciplines. As a creative problem solver, Megan finds novel solutions to complex communications challenges and leverages storytelling to shape employee experiences – and finds joy in doing it! Megan truly models Pivot’s mantra “create clarity” in all that she does. 

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Portrait of Paul Connolly

Paul Connolly Creative Director

Paul has been a design professional, front-end web developer and marketing leader for more than 17 years — and it shows! He has brought creative genius and strategic problem-solving to the Pivot team. He has an extensive background in leading in-house design teams and building efficient creative production workflows. A visual problem solver by trade, Paul enjoys using his skills as a designer to tackle just about any challenge that comes his way. He is the Pivot team’s biggest advocate, encouraging and highlighting their success daily.

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Portrait of Ramona Richards

Ramona Richards Communications Consultant

Ramona brings more than 25 years of corporate experience to Pivot, specializing in internal employee communications and change initiatives. Having worked in several industries, she has helped companies develop communications programs for many functional areas including HR, finance, operations, product, sales, marketing and technology. Ramona is a true brand ambassador, helping companies build their employer brand, employee experience and shape their culture. 

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Portrait of Sara Moore

Sara Moore Communications Consultant

Regardless of the topic, when it comes to communications, Sara finds joy in simplifying the complicated. She approaches her client work with an open, inquisitive mindset, and strives to learn the necessary details quickly and thoroughly to ensure the communication plans she creates achieve the desired business objectives. With nearly 20 years of corporate communications experience in a variety of industries, Sara is full of amazing surprises both for Pivot and clients – including her amazing photography skills (she took the photo of the team shown above).

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Portrait of Savannah Byers

Savannah Byers Marketing Associate

Savannah is an ambitious creative with an impressive toolkit of marketing interests and skills, including writing, graphic design, social media and communications. She is passionate about developing cohesive and appealing campaigns that will leave a lasting impact. Savannah brings the very best strategies and content to the forefront of Pivot’s marketing communications through her diverse experience, adaptability, positivity and creative expertise. Have you seen our LinkedIn lately? She’s got it covered. 

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Portrait of Stacie Mariette

Stacie Mariette Communications Consultant

Stacie’s more than 20 years of communications experience means she’s right in her element here at Pivot. She’s driven to truly understand people and situations – whether directly through the voice of the employee or via an understanding of data and metrics. Stacie knows how to cut through noise and build connections, a skill she uses daily to bring positivity to the Pivot team and the very best strategies to clients. She’s also a vocal DEI advocate and a member of our IDEA committee.

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Portrait of Tatiana Paolini Belotto

Tatiana Paolini Belotto Change Management Consultant

Tatiana is a project management master and an accomplished change management professional. She has global experience working for organizations such as Deloitte, ADP and Cirque du Soleil. Her extensive areas of expertise and impressive leadership skills have brought fresh insights and creative solutions to Pivot and our clients.

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Our employees are doing big things here at Pivot. We have been so lucky to welcome all of these accomplished professionals and to add more than 340 years of experience to our team this year. We can’t wait to see what 2023 holds for us.

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Quote from Stephanie Joranson: Our team is everything at Pivot. While the awards and growth are amazing, the most rewarding part of my role is watching our team grow and thrive in the culture we’ve built. The numbers speak for themselves, but it is the recognition from our clients, partners and especially the members of our team that means the most.

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