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Strategic communications are a crucial component for IT transformation success

Digital technology tools and systems are key components at every company to ensure smooth operations. Strategically choosing systems and digital channels that will enhance your employee experience is crucial, but the most important part of an IT transformation is your rollout strategy.

"70% of digital transformations fail due to employee resistance."

When an IT transformation fails, this can severely impact your retention rates and bottom line. For a successful transformation, you must actively engage your team to foster adoption and lessen resistance through strategic communications.

When founding Pivot Strategies, Stacia Nelson observed a huge gap in one critical area of employee communications — technology. Too often, IT leads at Fortune 500 companies had technology rollouts planned that would impact thousands of employees, yet didn’t have the time or resources to put a communications strategy in place.

Enter Pivot. Nelson realized this was an underserved area — translating IT into language that the rest of the company would understand. 

Since overall corporate tech transformations continue to increase in pace and importance, she knew this need would only grow.

Let’s face it: change is hard. But companies don’t change, people do. Engaging your employees from the start of a major transformation project is crucial to ensure that change is adopted and embraced among your entire team.

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According to Qualtrics, teams see 158% greater work engagement by employees satisfied with their IT services and technology.

Incorporate a strong communications campaign into your IT transformation

Whether you’re rolling out a new software, undergoing a large system change, trying to convey your IT value proposition to your team, onboarding IT talent or developing messaging from your leadership team, internal communications must be prioritized. No matter the IT transformation, project success will come from aligned, strategic and employee-focused communication.

A strong communications strategy will include training events, internal marketing campaigns, cohesive resource development and consistent messaging across all initiatives. Moreover, it will reach all employees through their preferred communication channel. Deskless workers may need printed posters and direct mail while office workers might need multiple, coordinated emails that hit their inbox at the right time. 

Whichever approach(es) you use, your communications campaign must be holistic, streamlined and cohesive to minimize disruptions to your workplace and generate positive sentiment from your employees.

Foster adoption and alignment with strategic employee engagement

Change communications is the most important tool in your belt to ensure that your team understands the positive impact of your transformations. With a strategic communications plan in place, you can lead your employees over the hurdle of adoption so that they can not only adopt, but embrace the technology offered to them. 

"We appreciate Pivot’s help to ensure these are valuable tools for our team and that the messaging around our critical IT investments are well received."
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Where Pivot comes in

Pivot specializes in helping companies strategically manage large-scale technology rollouts and long-term communication needs.

From SAP rollouts, Office 365 integrations, IT value proposition and storytelling, and leadership training and messaging, Pivot consultants are versed in IT transformation expertise. Whether consultants are leading execution, messaging or training, Pivot’s IT work all stems from the original focus area that Nelson set out to impact: employee communications. 

Pivot’s IT Accolades

We don’t just talk the talk. In 2020, Stacia Nelson was selected as a Notable Woman in Technology from Twin Cities Business, recognizing women in IT for driving innovation and mentoring the next generation of leaders in the field. 

Nelson has also made the shortlist for the Women in IT Awards Series’ Entrepreneur of the Year in 2021, 2022 and 2023. Women in IT supports the tech industry in its mission to move the dial on diversity and inclusion, and recognizes leaders who have demonstrated growth and innovation in IT. 

Pivot clients have seen the impact of our IT change work and the results speak for themselves. After working with Pivot consultants, our IT clients have reported:

  • Doubled e-newsletter open rates, ensuring that more employees are engaged and receiving the information and updates needed to succeed. 
  • Notable decreases in IT service desk tickets in relation to Pivot’s rolled-out technology solution.
  • Significantly reduced adoption time for new technologies across core audiences. 

These impressive results earned Pivot consultants an average Net Promoter (client satisfaction) score of 9.4 last quarter.

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