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Empowering Excellence: How to Celebrate National Business Women’s Week

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Every year, the third full week of October marks National Business Women’s Week (NBWW). This annual celebration spotlights the incredible progress made by women in their roles as professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs. It also offers a valuable opportunity to reflect on the historical journey of women in business, highlighting the progress made and the challenges that still lie ahead.

First launched in 1928 by Lean Madesin Phillips, president of the National Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs (NFBPWC), it wasn’t until 1938 that the week was officially recognized and celebrated every year since. During this special week, the organization fosters meaningful conversations about the unique needs of working women, shares valuable insights into successful workplace policies, and helps shine a light on the wealth of resources available to support women in their careers.

How you can observe National Business Women's Week

From large corporations to smaller local businesses, NBWW is all about recognizing the incredible impact and power of entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation, and how innumerable endeavors have left a lasting impact on your individual journey.

Empowering female entrepreneurs

Highlight the stories of female entrepreneurs who have founded successful businesses. Their entrepreneurial spirit and innovation inspire others to pursue their dreams.

Advocating for career growth

Encourage organizations to invest in women’s professional development by providing leadership training, mentoring programs and workshops on negotiation skills.

Inclusive work cultures

Acknowledge companies that foster inclusive work cultures where diversity is valued and appreciated, and everyone has equal opportunities for growth. Women from diverse backgrounds and industries continue to shatter glass ceilings and achieve excellence. 

Flexible work policies

Recognize employers who offer flexible work arrangements, allowing women to balance their careers with family responsibilities and personal growth.

Parental support programs

Highlight organizations that provide parental support programs, including paid parental leave, on-site childcare facilities and resources for working parents.

Gender pay equity

Recognize and celebrate companies that are committed to closing the gender pay gap and have transparent pay practices.

Drive empowerment through awareness

This week is not only about celebration but also about raising awareness of the challenges women still face in the workplace. By shedding light on these issues, we can inspire positive change and encourage more companies to support working women.

Take time to celebrate women in business during National Business Women’s Week and beyond. Come together and champion the achievements of inspiring women in the business world! Through recognition of their achievements, we can empower women and create a more equitable and prosperous future for all. We can all continue breaking barriers and shattering stereotypes to ensure that women’s voices and talents are heard and valued.

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