Vision package

[Introductory language here-setting up what it is and who would need it.] Transitioning payroll systems from PeopleSoft to ADP Technologies, this complex transition had broad-reaching impacts from human resources to reporting and finance. The change enabled employees to view their pay statements at work, on line or via a new mobile app.

Why Pivot

[Language around why we are the best solution for this package-type]
I continue to be impressed with these communications. They are a great example of how projects in Cargill should communicate to stakeholders as they are far less technical and project speak than others we receive.
Global HR Solutions Leader
Vision Process

Sentence about the process


Purpose of tagline

Key Messages

About process and use


Design a campaign or project brand to support communications

• Concept Deck

• Icon or logo

• Brand brief for internal use

Walking Deck

Tell your story to key stakeholders


• Newsletter design and content

• SharePoint site design and build

Communications Plan

Development and potential execution

Benefit Stories

Connect your work to business outcomes