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Planning Inclusive Holiday Communications to Positively Engage Employees

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Why Milestone Messaging Is Important To Your Communications Strategy

As an executive, you are the face and voice of your company. Whether you realize it or not, the way you communicate has a huge impact on employee engagement. In order to ensure you are making employees feel heard, honoring standing company and cultural milestones should be a cornerstone of your executive communications strategy.

In addition, milestone messages are an opportunity for you to shape your corporate voice. They are light and positive and can balance the more serious, strategic tone used to communicate business results and strategy messaging.

Follow these tips to develop a milestone communications strategy that fits your company culture.

Top Five Ways For You to Create Inclusive Milestone Messaging

1. Plan Ahead

Create a schedule of important milestones. This can include:

  • Holidays (e.g., Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, Diwali, Chinese New Year, Ramadan, etc.). Consult employees for guidance with country-specific holidays.
  • Celebratory Days/Months (e.g., International Women’s Day, Black History Month, Native American Heritage Month, etc.)
  • Company milestone anniversaries like “25 years of service”

Be thoughtful in your approach. Consider your company’s culture and diversity and inclusion strategy, and highlight milestones that align with your company’s values.

2. Avoid Corporate Speak

When crafting a personal message, avoid using jargon and company-specific acronyms. Use plain language that is direct and easy to understand.

3. Include a Personal Touch

The most compelling messages include a personal story or anecdote. When you highlight something meaningful about your life, readers feel more connected and engaged. Be relatable when talking about your personal life. Demonstrate self-awareness and empathy.

4. Provide Translations

One of the most meaningful ways to engage employees is by offering native language translations. Use in-country translators whenever possible to ensure messages are appropriately localized. Never use Google Translate or other machine-generated services – automated translations do not capture nuance and are impersonal.

5. Be Creative with Channels

Consider using other channels outside of email. Video messages, internal social media posts (Yammer, Slack, etc.) and onsite postings (video monitors).

Milestone communications don’t have to be a last-minute rush to write a generic “Happy Holidays from the CEO” message. Instead, you can leverage these standing communications as opportunities to engage and inspire your teams. Plan ahead and choose events that are meaningful to your company’s culture and diversity and inclusion goals. Connect with your audience by making your messages light, personal and engaging.

For more insights on how to write engaging messaging, check out “‘Tis the Season: Tips for Writing End-of-Year Messaging that Engages Employees.”

Now it’s your turn

Create your strategy – build a calendar of important milestones that fit your culture and values then develop messaging that honors and engages your teams.

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