ESG & Sustainability

Compelling sustainability communications

As the reporting landscape evolves, Pivot offers clarity to environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting while providing critical guidance on sustainability opportunities that corporate stakeholders demand.

ESG reporting is divided into three categories that encompass every area of a corporation’s social responsibility efforts.

Environmental: energy use, waste, carbon emissions, air quality, water stewardship, biodiversity, natural resource conservation

Social: employee safety, human rights, DEI, community involvement, labor practices, product safety, data privacy

Governance: board diversity, business ethics, conflicts of interest, sustainability leadership, transparency and assurance of progress metrics

The need for and scrutiny of ESG reporting continues to grow every day. As key investors look to transition from corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts into more meaningful ESG metrics, it is critical for organizations to be able to evaluate the long-term impact of their efforts.

Working in tandem with our corporate partners, Pivot crafts meaningful communications using dynamic storytelling to demonstrate an organization’s commitment to ethical responsibilities and purpose driven operations. We collaborate with our corporate clients to ensure that business goals align with a sustainability strategy that is both practical and maximizes environmental and social outcomes.

Industry expertise

Our dedicated team of change communication experts brings over two-decades of qualified experience within environmental and sustainability reporting. Using industry best practices and updated standards, Pivot helps develop and implement communications strategies that produce accurate, transparent, and impactful results.

Pivot's customized deliverables

ESG Reporting

  • Report structure
  • Content development and editing
  • Project management
  • Graphic design
  • Report launch/promotion planning

Materiality Assessments

  • Benchmarking
  • Stakeholder assessment of material issues
  • Insights/recommendations

Sustainability Communications

  • Key messages
  • Communication plans & supporting materials for internal and external audiences