Organizational Change

Organizations don't change, people do

Organizations must foster a culture of adaptability and innovation.

Change can be met with resistance which is why it’s essential to approach the people side of change. Pivot effectively guides this process by collaborating with leaders and managers to implement effective change plans, support individuals through change and reduce potential resistance and anxiety.

Our consultants have years of organizational change knowledge and experience and will fill necessary gaps to bring proven results to your team.

The outcome

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more likely to meet or exceed an objective
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more likely to stay on schedule
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more likely to stay within budget

Organizational Change Proven Process

Our Organizational Change Consultants apply in-depth knowledge of behavioral and social science alongside extensive industry experience to implement successful change strategies. Our team is certified in various change methodologies, specifically Prosci, an industry-leading standard. We constantly adapt to the client project needs to ensure a higher likelihood of success.

We believe in constant collaboration. We are accustomed to immersing ourselves into projects and will work with you every step of the way.

  • 1
    Produce in-depth people-centered analytics of the current state to develop strategy
  • 2
    Develop change plans with a central focus on all impacted stakeholders
  • 3
    Enable and coach leaders to effectively support people through change
  • 4
    Deliver strategies to manage resistance to change, proactively craft communication plans to move stakeholders through the change curve and build a network of change champions to promote adoption and advocacy
  • 5
    Provide people-centric metrics to ensure behavior changes to deliver adoption and utilization

Organizational Change in action