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Stacia Nelson makes shortlist for Women in IT Awards Entrepreneur of the Year

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Pivot Founder and CEO Stacia Nelson made the Women in IT Awards USA shortlist for Entrepreneur of the Year. 

MINNEAPOLIS (June 9, 2022)Women in It’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognizes a female leader of a technology, digital or e-commerce start-up that has demonstrated excellent growth in the last 2-years with a coherent and sustainable strategy in achieving it. Judges look at demonstrations of growth (turnover, profit, employees etc.), standout achievements and customer testimonials.  

Pivot Strategies found its niche in IT communications when it first began as Nelson observed a huge gap in one critical area of employee communications — technology. Too often, IT leads at major companies had technology roll-outs planned that would impact thousands of employees, yet hadn’t even considered the communications cadence. 

Enter Pivot. Nelson realized this was the specific market opportunity — translating IT into language that the rest of the company would understand — that had a significant, long-term upside, since overall corporate tech transformation only increases its pace and importance, especially during a global pandemic.

Pivot has since seen tremendous growth and innovation in this critical area. 

About Pivot Strategies

Pivot Strategies is an award-winning consulting firm that specializes in internal communications and large-scale change for enterprise-level clients.  The company’s consultants are uniquely Bred Corporate, Gone Agency™ with significant corporate experience on how to communicate in a clear, consistent and compelling way with employees. This allows Pivot to be more efficient, bring significant learning and increase client success rates. Pivot is headquartered in Edina, Minn. and serves clients globally. Pivot Strategies was founded in 2015 by Stacia Nelson and is a certified women-owned business. Visit to learn more. 

About Women in IT

The Women in IT Awards Series recognizes and celebrates women, allies, and organizations across the USA for their outstanding contributions to the technology industry. The prestigious awards have recognized and celebrated over 1,000 women leaders in tech thus far. 

According to a report by The World Bank, women make up less than 40% of the total global workforce. Diversity at all intersections is critical in tech, as it enables companies to create better and safer products that take everyone into consideration, not just one section of society. Women in IT supports the tech industry in its mission to move the dial on diversity & inclusion. By providing a global platform to showcase advocates, role models, and allies this growing series works alongside industry champions to share knowledge, break digital boundaries, and promote the importance of an inclusive tech sector. Learn more about the awards series. 

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