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Women’s History Month: Celebrating trailblazing women around the world – part 2

Editorial illustration of Shonda Rhimes, Gretchen Carlson and Amanda Gorman

Celebrate change makers and inspiring communicators this Women’s History Month

When we began brainstorming who to feature in our Trailblazing Women Communicators series in honor of Women’s History Month, the conversation was so rich with ideas and energy that we ran out of time—on three occasions! We highlighted four international women communicators in “Women’s History Month: Celebrating trailblazing women around the world – part 1.” Now, here are a few American trailblazers whose transformational communication skills inspire us.

1. Shonda Rhimes: screenwriter, producer, author

A powerful and engaging creator, screenwriter, executive producer and author (the list goes on), Shonda Rhimes is also unassuming and under the radar. As communicators, we marvel at her compelling, captivating storytelling capabilities. Our guess is you’ve enjoyed at least one of these hit shows written and/or directed by Rhimes:
  • “Grey’s Anatomy”
  • “Scandal”
  • “Bridgerton”
  • “Inventing Anna”
As if her repertoire isn’t already impressive enough, she’s also the creator of Shondaland, an enterprise that empowers other storytellers.

2. Gretchen Carlson: journalist, activist, author

Gretchen Carlson is a skilled television journalist (impressive, yes), but the reason she secured a spot on our list is because of her courage. Carlson used the power of her voice to share her story of sexual harassment in the workplace, which increased awareness of the all-too-common issue and initiated changes that improved workplace safety. She also co-founded Lift Our Voices, a nonprofit working to end workplace misconduct, and is a best-selling author, speaker and advocate. 

3. Amanda Gorman: poet, author, speaker

Amanda Gorman is a poet and author of several books, including a heartwarming children’s book titled  “Change Sings.” At 16, she became the first-ever National Youth Poet Laureate. When she was 22, she read her now-famous poem, “The Hills We Climb,” at President Joe Biden’s inauguration in 2021. Amanda inspires us for many reasons (please read about her!), including her seemingly effortless mastery of words and, like all the women we featured, her courage to make our world a better place. When you read her work, be warned: You might get chills and/or shed some tears—her writing is really that beautiful.  Take the final sentence of “The Hills We Climb,” for example:  “For there is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it.” Our parting thought: Use your voice, and be the light. Need a partner? Let’s connect! Read Women’s History Month: Celebrating trailblazing women around the world – part 1.

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